Media Conference On Friday, September 26

Posted by Mitchell - September 23, 2003 (entry 96)

Do Our Media Serve Us?

A day of panels, speakers & films concerning: The role of the mainstream media in motivating the public's acquiescence towards questionable government policies & regulations.

Friday, Sept. 26 -- Columbia College
10 am 6 pm in the Hokin Annex -- 623 S. Wabash, 1st Floor

Admission is FREE & open to everyone. Complimentary refreshments will be served.

10:00 am - event kickoff

10:15 am - panel concerning:
The growing gap between public interest & mainstream media representation. featuring:
Barbara Iverson (Columbia College journalism professor)
Chuck Mertz (WNUR's "This Is Hell!" radio show host)
Brent Ritzel (Zine Guide & Tail Spins publisher/editor)
Grant Schreiber (Judas Goat Quarterly publisher)

11:15 am - q&a, discussion

11:45 am - speaker concerning:

The new FCC regulations & the further consolidation of corporate media. featuring: Mitchell Szczepanczyk (Chicago Media Action president)

12:25 pm - q&a, discussion

12:45 pm - films / lunch: featuring: "Gulf War Propaganda" (25 min. film by Ethan Clauset)
1:30 pm - panel concerning:

State-run media? Propaganda & the manipulation of the public mind. featuring:
Aaron Cynic (Diatribe zine publisher)
Scott Lipscomb (Northwestern University associate professor in music, Iraq Body Count researcher)
Greg Smith (foulinc zine co-publisher)
Paul Street (ZNet commentator)

2:30 pm - q&a, discussion

3:00 pm - panel concerning:

Alternatives to Bush in 2004. featuring (plus one t.b.a.):
Anthony Rayson (Thought Bombs zine publisher)
Louis Silverstein (Columbia College liberal ed. professor)
John Stevenson (Columbia College liberal ed. professor)

4:00 pm - q&a, discussion

4:30 pm - zinester readings

5:15 pm - open reading time: bring your stuff & read it for all in attendance.

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