Recommended Outside Resources
  • Adbusters
    Adbusters, the Journal of the Mental Environment, is a website and bimonthly magazine which looks critically and cleverly at advertising. Adbusters has taken on the major media, including its Media Carta campaign.
  • describes itself as "a company and a Web site", which works to "license, manufacture and sell 'agitational propaganda' - parody apparel and other items lampooning current media outlets - whose sole purpose is to make Americans THINK about the choices they have when obtaining news information from the U.S. Media, as well as the fairness and impartiality of those same outlets."
  • Be The Media
    Be The Media describes itself as a project to "help... independent artists create and distribute content without selling their royalties, rights or souls in the process. It is the result of a decentralized, collaborative effort by some of today's leading media activists, educators and experts." Be sure to check out Be The Media's blog.
  • Benton Foundation
    The Benton Foundation is a private organization which has worked in philanthrophy, public policy, and community activism, and which has made media work its centerpiece.
  • Black Commentator
    The Black Commentator is a website devoted to commentary, analysis and investigations of issues affecting African Americans. The website publishes a new set of commentary every Thursday.
  • Buzzflash
    Buzzflash is a Chicago-based news and commentary portal, focusing on a left/liberal perspective of events.
  • Center for Digital Democracy
    This is a group devoted to public interest advocacy ofdigital technologies and the Internet.
  • Center for International Media Action
    The Center for International Media Action describes itself as "a nonprofit organization created to strengthen connections ...[and] to increase the efficacy of organizing and activism around media issues by providing tools and services to help groups share knowledge, build relationships and utilize existing resources."
  • Chicago Access Network Television (CAN-TV)
    CAN-TV is the fleet of Chicago's public access cable television channels. Chicago Media Action has made many appearances on CAN-TV, including appearances on CAN-TV's Community Forum.
  • Chicago Filmmakers
    Chicago Filmmakers is a 30 year-old media arts organization that fosters the creation, appreciation and understanding of film and video as media for artistic and personal expression, as well as media of important social and community impact. CMA has co-sponsored presentations with Chicago Filmmakers.
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